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In an attempt to keep their homes nice and clean, many people in Champaign spend tons of cash on services but often ignore the fact that mold can still become an issue despite this. If your home in Champaign, IL is typically very moist or wet, then you should realize that this is literally the perfect breeding ground for mold. One thing that has grown to be very misleading is the myth that as long as the carpets don’t become soaked that there will be nothing to worry about which isn’t true at all. In fact, mold can even occur in homes of residents who do not even allow having beverages in a carpeted area of the home. Just because there is not any water spilled doesn’t mean anything as there are plenty of other situations that can easily lead to mold development as well without you even realizing it. If for any reason you suspect mold in your Champaign home then having a mold inspection done by 123 Mold Testing is a must. Request a quote for mold testing in Champaign, Illinois by calling 888-316-7778
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Mold Testing

Do You Require Air Quality Testing For Your House?

123 Mold Testing released a study that brought to light the fact that mold can also be caused by simple things like leaky pipes and sinks in your kitchen. The water that leaks from these items will create a nice little habitat on the floor or tiles that will eventually become the perfect propagation ground for mold. Once this happens you will notice that after some period of time the water will become very stale and even stink once the mold has started to grow. Compared to a leaky sink or sink, dripping pipes could become an even bigger issue simply because these leaks are virtually undetectable until a major issue arises. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, a qualified mold inspector is a must. Its also highly recommended that you have a mold inspection done on a yearly basis in order to prevent these issues from arising in the first place. A mold testing company will have the necessary equipment to perform the mold tests, which will determine how much, if any, mold is in the house and where its located. Without this equipment, the residents would’ve to do manual mold testing, which would very likely involve waiting until the whole house smells like a moldy mess. The sad part about doing it this way is that many people will already be experiencing allergy issues before the smell even appears. If you are curious about having mold tests done then undoubtedly you would want to know about the mold testing cost as well. Depending on precisely what services and the type of tasks that you need carried out a full scale mold inspection in Champaign, IL will generally cost you less than $500 overall. Mold development in a home can create some nasty circumstances, so homeowners in Champaign, Illinois should at the very least schedule a mold inspection with 123 Mold Testing on a yearly basis by calling them at 888-316-7778
. If you make the decision to have your mold testing done then your mold can be destroyed before it starts to affect your health. Finally, mold testing services are very affordable particularly considering the peace of mind they offer.


Black mold in Champaign, Illinois could be making you sick, and it may be tough to discover without having a mold inspection. Although everyone in Champaign will react in different ways, one of the most conventional signs of an invasion is an allergic reaction. If your household contains small kids, seniors, infants or anyone with a prior history of respiratory issues such as asthma then you need to know that these individuals will have a lower tolerance for exposure to black mold. The good news is not all mold is black mold, but all mold and mildew are allergens and have the capacity to cause negative health effects. To make matters a whole lot worse is the truth that It’s very hard to identify the symptoms that come along with a mold infestation. A common misconception about black mold poisoning in Champaign, IL is that a simple visit to the pharmacist or doctor is enough to detect it. This is completely wrong. Unless your Champaign doctor knows you have been subjected to mold, they often are not able to identify the issue. Overall there are roughly 25 symptoms that a person can have which is what makes detection so difficult. Its very easy to mistake many of the symptoms of black mold exposure for other problems like the conventional cold or the flu. Unlike most other common health issues like the common cold, the signs or symptoms that come along with black mold don’t vanish. Many people find that these signs or symptoms actually get worse instead. The best move to make for anyone exposed to this kind of mold is to let your health care provider know as soon as possible and request that blood work be done also. For complete black mold testing you can just contact the mold specialist contractor, 123 Mold Testing, at 888-316-7778
. To learn more, examine some of our venues: Wellsville mold testing.

Species of Black Mold In Champaign, IL

Mold can be found both outside and inside the house which is what makes mold testing by well informed professionals such as the mold inspection company, 123 Mold Testing, so critical. Through a number of air quality testing surveys done in the state, it has been found that to some extent everyone has mold. It varies from what kind of mold and to what degree. Overall scientists have found that there are over 100,000 different kinds of mold. Out of this number there are roughly 150 of them in this state alone. All of these molds can cause allergic responses and they include pathogenic (causes disease), toxigenic (inhalation can be poisonous) and carcinogenic (can cause cancer) mold varieties. Mold poisoning can result in: asthma, respiratory problems, throat and lung irritation, infections, skin problems and breakouts, sore burning eyes, tiredness, nausea, flu-like symptoms, stress, depression, memory lapses and breathing problems. Out of all of these stands of mold though, perhaps the most dangerous one is black mold, scientifically named Stachybotrys. Individuals that have already developed allergies to mold will find black mold to be even worse. It can cause a variety of different symptoms, affecting the entire body including the immune, stomach, breathing and nervous systems, as well as the skin. If left untreated a person can even die from the signs or symptoms of black mold. Windsor, PA mold inspection is yet another location we service so make certain to browse our other top rated cities.

Is Champaign, IL Black Mold Causing You Suffering?

No matter how old a person is everyone is susceptible to severe mold poisoning. In addition to this old structures aren’t the only ones that can contain mold, new buildings may have it as well. It’s not unusual for many people to ignore mold testing and suffer the symptoms of poisoning for years without even being aware of what is going on. To make things a whole lot worse is the fact that one person may only experience 1 or 2 symptoms while another person may experience all of them. So always remember that just because you do not experience all of the signs or symptoms it does not mean that you don’t have a issue. For individuals that have questions about the mold testing cost then you can simply contact 123 Mold Testing at 888-316-7778
to speak with an expert or schedule a mold test as soon as possible.

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