Mold Inspection in Roanoke, VA

Everyone would agree that buying a Roanoke, VA home is a good investment that can last a long time. It is not too uncommon nowadays for those purchasing real estate in Roanoke to need a mold inspection. Today, many realtor’s advise their customers to have black mold testing carried out before buying or selling a home. If mold is located in the home then this can be very bad for the deal. Having a moldy home or one that smells like it, will drive down the cost of a new property substantially. Customers will be wary of the home and often walk away. The value of a home can drop substantially if this happens enough as many people will think something is wrong with it. When you sell your home its always best to have a certificate from a mold company. Most individuals don’t wish to find out that the home they just purchased has mold in it. If you or someone you know is thinking about purchasing a home in Roanoke, Virginia, then getting in touch with 123 Mold Testing at 888-316-7778
should come first for mold testing.


Mold Testing

Mold Inspection Guidelines You Need To Know

For Roanoke, VA residents, foreclosures have become an everyday portion of modern life. When this happens the electricity is typically turned off which can create the perfect environment for the growth of mold. The heating and cooling unit acts as a natural dehumidifier helping to remove moisture from the home. If the humidity level in your neighborhood is quite high, then not having a working HVAC unit could create the perfect conditions for mold to thrive. Many folks also have the misconception that mold only grows in old homes, but in actuality it can grow in new ones too. New homes today are built very energy efficient. The downside to this is that these homes can save money on electricity but also lack proper ventilation to help prevent mold from growing. Most of the time, mold removal can be very costly. Your health could also be in danger if you do not have it done. Even non toxic molds can cause severe allergies for people and pets. Because of this, searching around for signs of mold just before you purchase a home has become very critical. This can easily be discovered through pro air quality testing. Regardless of what type of real estate you plan on buying, having mold inspection is a great financial investment that will keep you and your family safe. For those of you that are looking to have a Roanoke mold testing company perform air quality testing, you should simply call 123 Mold Testing today. We have certified mold specialists and top-rated air quality testing equipment, so your home is in the best of hands. For a black mold testing estimation please give us a call at 888-316-7778

How Can Mold in Roanoke, VA Be Removed

Whether or not one can kill mold by themselves is something many residents are curious about. A lot of people will find that mold probably cannot be killed without skilled assistance. Most professionals in Roanoke, Virginia, like 123 Mold Testing, acknowledge there are approximately 100,000 different types of mold spores. Although this might seem difficult to believe, You can be assured it is true. The problem with attempting to eliminate mold yourself in Roanoke, VA is that it is almost impossible. Mold has been around since the beginning of the world. It is even noted in the Bible over 2,000 years ago (Leviticus 14:33-48). Because this organism has been around in Roanoke forever, and then there are so many different strains of mold, it has become very viable, adaptable and extremely hard to destroy mold. The only method to get rid of black or toxic mold once it is discovered through black mold testing, is mold removal. Contrary to popular belief, black and toxic molds cannot be killed by various sprays sold in stores. With more than a hundred-thousand mold spores, you might think that a fairly high percentage would be toxic, but this is not the case. You should call 888-316-7778
now to ask about a mold inspection because mold within Roanoke homes can still present problems even if it is not necessarily toxic.

Roanoke, VA Mold Keeps Coming Back

Based upon what customers have told their mold specialist during a mold inspection, is usually that when people thought they have killed mold, they see the same house mold return again and again. One of the quickest places for mold to grow back is in your bathroom, and you have likely already found this if you have tried to treat mold yourself. Mold can re-grow at its roots, which is referred to as Hyphae, and this also will not be visible. This is often present in rental homes and apartment complexes during air quality testing. A quick fix by property managers may seem like a good idea to them, but they also find that their renters end up cancelling their lease due to the returning mold problems. When the tenants have left, the landlord will have to work promptly, and slyly, to cover up the mess once again, and this is a hassle most rental owners will be better to avoid in the long term. 123 Mold Testing says that mold has inflicted health-related issues upon new tenants. Mold inspection Andover, KS is another location which we service thus make certain to check out the other top notch cities.

Roanoke, VA Mold Treatment Misconceptions

Attempting to wipe down mold with a rag and bleach is one thing that almost everyone has attempted at some point. It might seem like a good option, but it is actually one of the most ineffective methods. Mold that is actually noticeable is a sign you have got a mold colony growth, which means millions of mold spores are bunched together. When millions of mold spores join each other, you will have a mold colony, and this is the one time you will be able to see mold with your eyes. Mold spores will be floating around each room in your home if you try to remove a mold colony by yourself. Obviously, moisture is going to attract mold spores. Once it enters your HVAC unit it can potentially spread throughout your entire house costing you thousands of dollars. By calling 888-316-7778
, you can easily have a mold inspection performed by a mold inspector before the situation becomes much worse. Mold testing is not an expensive process, so there is no reason for you to not have the test completed. Additionally, it is important to take a look at various places for example, Arkansas City mold testing to determine if this site provides services in your state.

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