Mold Tests

Mold is something that appears in many homes, and it has a horrible smell. Mold comes in many different forms, and different types can result in different issues. The one thing everyone should know about mold is that some forms of it are toxic, while others will just have a tendency to irritate one’s allergies. As a result of the numerous issues mold in one’s home can cause, it is important for people to have mold testing and mold inspection performed at least once per year, or as quickly as possible after they notice signs of mold, such as the bad smell. These mold tests will be conducted by a mold inspector or mold specialist.

When to Have Mold Tests Performed?

Typically, mold will form in an area that offers plenty of moisture. If people notice that they have flooding in their basement immediately after one of those spring thunderstorms, they can likely expect to start noticing a musty odor, which would signify the growth of mold. However, mold can also grow as the result of something as small as pipes leaking, so if people notice that their water bill has increased, but they are not suddenly taking longer showers, this could be something to look out for. The thing with mold, however, is that, unless it has several colonies that have grown for a few months, people will not be able to see it with their naked eye. In either case, people should have a mold inspection performed by a mold specialist as soon as possible.

How Does Mold Inspection Work?

Since you cannot see mold with just your eyes, it is important to have a mold specialist perform mold tests. The mold inspector will have the necessary equipment to spot exactly where the mold is coming from, so they will be able to find the source before the problem becomes much worse. During the mold testing procedure, they will also be able to inform you about what type of mold is growing in your home and what kinds of issues it could cause. As aforementioned, there are hundreds of thousands of different types of mold, such as black mold, and they can all cause different types of problems. Black mold is arguably the worst, however, because it can actually leave homeowners with serious health issues, such as respiratory problems, and it has even been linked to cancer.

Post-Mold Testing Procedures

Once the problem has been located by the mold inspector, they will be able to inform the homeowner in regards to what the best options are. Typically, they will need to cut away the portion of the home that has been affected by the mold. With that being said, residents can rest assured that the mold specialist will know what they are doing. They are going to remove the sections with the greatest level of caution to ensure the amount of damage is minimized. However, even if an entire wall has to be removed, it will still be a better alternative than the residents being at risk for some serious health issues.

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